'Cherry St, Shop' 1984 Cherry and Mendocino Ave. (oil painting)


Five Quick Stories..

      Years back I heard about this 'start up' detail shop that had put together the money to have us detail a car for them 'incognito'. Because they had heard how good we were and wanted to see for themselves. Long story short, the end of the day they picked up the car and brought it back to their shop to do a critique of our work. Frustrated, they couldn't find a thing wrong with the job we had done. When I heard about it I thought that was great.     A couple years later another detail shop was opening down Santa Rosa Ave. 'Dust Busters'.  I went by to introduce myself, everyone there was nervous as cat shit. Turns out it was an undercover sting operation.  They weren't around long.    When I had a Radio TV jingle made up I cringed when I first heard it, "Sparkle Up For That First Class Feeling" was the main line. My two main competitors were "Sparkle Plenty" and Lou's 1st Class Auto Detail". Turns out the owner of 'Banquet Studios' got his inspiration from the phone book.  A customer once told me he saw my TV commercial, I said whats the matter, you didn't pay your cable bill? He looked insulted. I told him TV 50 was a free station. We both laughed. He didn't pay it.   I would tell people my TV ad was on during the Super Bowl!