Don't get burned on a bad detail!   Get your deposit back, Protect your credit, Rent again next year.   If you're not familiar:  DUST EVERYWHERE, IN EVERYTHING, EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY. And the renter knows where to look, fortunately, so do we !  Exterior $400.  Interior $300.  Awnings and Slide outs $20.  Over 30' $100. extra   We detail one unit per day. Book your 'mobile' appointment now...Scot @ 707 575 3113


     Includes;  oven/stove, microwave, shower, sinks, fridge, toilet, headliner, vents, cupboards, mirrors, windows, doors, drawers, carpets and floors etc..  *Clean and Fresh*.   


                           Detail includes:  roof, vents, sky lights, antenna. drainage connections, bins, windows, polish rims, tires, trim,  frayed decals, remove and clean amber and red lens covers, tar, pitch, bugs, mold, mildew, algae, lichens, polish aluminum, whiten rubber molding, eliminate black streaks, clean caulking, unwanted stickers, chalkiness etc.       Newer RV's:  One Step 'Gel Gloss' $400.    Hand wax 'Pro RV, Boat & Aircraft wax $900.   Older RV's:  'Bleach wash' and 'Gel Gloss' $400. Awnings and Side outs $20.


         It all starts with a great 'Prep'. First we completely empty the boat, ski's, life preservers, seats. Then we pressure wash every nook and cranny inside and out. We have a mold and mildew solution that 'whitens and brightens' the whole interior, cubbies too. An acid for algae as well as acid for water spots. Rubbing compound for oxidation. We use *Pro RV Boat and Aircraft Wax.


         Acid Wash*  cleans, brightens and lightens aluminum on older horse trailers and pontoon boats.                                                                         Bleach Wash*  removes  chalkiness, mold, mildew and algae as well as whitens and brightens older trailers, motor homes and  boat interiors.