Note:  Machine compounding or 'Cutting' is not to be taken lightly, Heavy cutters such as 3M machine compound are akin to liquid sand paper. Although I have over 30 years experience I prefer not to use this process on heavily oxidized Motor Homes. (1) because of the thinness of the paint and (2) because of the frailty of the decals. Boats on the other hand are no problem. I will certainly use the lightest polish possible, but if the hull requires heavy buffing we go for it, followed by a light polish to even out the surface and a top notch Marine Wax.  Now back to Motor Homes,  Looking for a 'New Finish' on an 'Old Motor Home' is an exercise in futility which requires long hours over a few days. The less expensive option is an even 'Satin Finish' void of chalkiness, mold, mildew, discolored molding, streaks, etc. A secret process I will explain in person or on the phone. Newer rigs will be afforded the same protection saving you money ie: Gel Gloss.

       MH, RV & Trailer Exterior Detailing

 Includes roof on down soft scrub and pressure wash. special solution for mold, mildew and chalkiness and brighten. *Gel Gloss for UV protection and lasting shine. Renew yellowed moulding, trim frayed decals, black streaks, tires, rims, windows, Detailed to Perfection. High speed buffing with machine compound is not recommended due to frailty of decals and thinness of paint. Orbital polishing is recommended for light oxidation. Any interior detailing, we'd have to see first before giving a quote. People's idea of 'clean'  varies as you can imagine.

       Guaranteed Best RV Roof Sealer 

      'Elastomeric" is the newest and best  in roof sealants. 100% Acrylic Polymer, highly flexible, rubberized, long term durability, white, 85% reflective, significantly reduces surface temp, 7 year warranty, water proof, weather proof, will not crack or blister, reduce interior temp by 15 degrees. Personally I've been waiting for a product like this. A product I can stand behind.  

       Any and All Boat Detailing.

      It all starts with a great prep. First we raise the bow, pull the rear plug  and get busy scrubbing cleaning and protecting every nook and cranny, inside and out of your boat, we have a mold and mildew solution that 'whitens and brightens' the whole interior, cubbies too. We have an acid for algae as well as an acid for water spots, Teak oil for your wood, we clean and protect all vinyl,   *Pro RV Boat and Aircraft Wax. We machine compound heavily oxidized areas (hull and gunnel). Whatever issues your boat may have, we've been there and done that. 35 years experience. Call me any time for a quote, if your not too far I'll come by with an estimate. No pressure.

       Specialty Washes

Acid Wash*  cleans, removes waterspots, brightens and lightens aluminum on older 'horse trailers and pontoon boats'.     Bleach Wash*  removes  chalkiness, mold, mildew and algae as well as whitens and brightens older trailers, motor homes and  boat interiors.     *Gel Gloss has a great reputation as a 'hand wax' alternative  for shine and UV protection on clean surfaces, while saving you money.