Detail For Resale

A Great Detailing will get You 'High Blue Book' on Your Investment.  Let potential buyers see how well you cared for your Boat or RV.  If your goal is a quick sale, nothing beats a professional detail. Let us erase the use and abuse that kills a sale. Our experience is unparalleled and beyond reproach.

        Rode Hard And Put Up Wet

When the Party's Over, Make sure to store your Boat "Detailed".  Mold, Mildew, Algae will degrade and diminish your investments worth. Plus the next time you bring it out, you.ll be good to go...

       Trailer, R.V. Ext. Detailing

"Most Popular";   '$400 Exterior Detail'.  Includes roof on down pressure wash. Bleach wash if necessary for mold, mildew and chalkiness, brightens white areas. *Gel Gloss for UV protection, renew stained trim, trim frayed decals, black streaks, 'Detailed'!    Machine polishing extra.

       Boat Detailing

 It all starts with a great 'Prep'. First we completely empty the boat, ski's, life preservers, seats. Jack up the bow, pull the plug, then we pressure wash every nook and cranny inside and out. We have a mold and mildew solution that 'whitens and brightens' the whole interior, cubbies too. An acid for algae as well as acid for water spots. Rubbing compound for oxidation, stain wood, treat vinyl, etc.  We use *Pro RV Boat and Aircraft Wax.

       Specialty Washes

Acid Wash*  cleans, brightens and lightens aluminum on older horse trailers and pontoon boats.     Bleach Wash*  removes  chalkiness, mold, mildew and algae as well as whitens and brightens older trailers, motor homes and  boat interiors.     *Gel Gloss has a great reputation as a 'hand wax' alternative  for shine and UV protection on clean surfaces, saving you money.